Sleep tracking apps have been helping people who have difficulty falling asleep. While they are not as popular as the usual health fitness trackers and smartwatches, they are more convenient to use than them.

The users will only need smart gadgets such as smartphones and tablets to download them.

On Android, it’s easier to install sleep tracking apps that you can utilize to monitor your sleeping.

Here are the top 10 best sleep tracking apps in Android this year including their in-app purchase availability and compatible Android versions. 

Top 10 Android Apps Which Excel in Sleep Tracking

Top 10 Best Sleep Tracking Apps in Android in 2021

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Are you having trouble sleeping at night? Here are the top 10 best sleep tracking Android apps in 2021 that you should try.

CoolApps Sleep Tracker 

According to Android Headlines, Sleep Tracker by CoolApps is an all-around app that will help the user fall asleep and even take note of their sleep cycle.

What’s good about this sleep tracking app is its serene music that can calm the users in their sleep. It also features a smart alarm clock for your scheduled wake-up.

SM Health Team’s Sleep Monitor

If you are looking for a statistic-wise sleep tracking app, SM Health Team has an answer for that. Its application boasts “Sleep Trends,” a feature that uses stats when you are sleeping.

Besides the alarm clock, it can also give you a sleep score. You can also record if you dream-talk or snore while sleeping. 

Sleep Cycle AB

There’s no dispute that this sleep tracking app is one of the best out there. Android users can enjoy many features, which include a smart alarm and a sleeping habit database.

The Sleep Cycle AB features a snore recorder as well.

Sleep as Android 

Choosing a decent sleep tracking app is a good thing to start to take care of your health. Sleep as Android, for instance, can help you track your sleeping pattern thanks to its features.

The most unique thing that it has is its Sonar feature, which allows the user to use the app even though it is not beside him/her.

Additionally, this sleep tracking app offers support for some smartwatches, including Garmin Connect IQ, Mi Band, Wear OS, and other wearables.

Sleep Theory

If you are craving soothing sounds during sleep, Sleep Theory will provide a selection of relaxing music and melodies.

It features “White Noises,” which lets you feel the sound of nature including raindrops, wind, and more. Like any other sleep tracking apps, it can also analyze sleep trends and habits.

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Google Fit

Google Fit is a great choice as a sleep tracking app in Android. The application can also be synced in with health smartwatches and trackers.

The company also created the device with the help of AHA and WHO.

White-Space’s Sleep Cycle

Starting from its UI, the user will have an easy time using this sleeping tracking app. Its features work the same as the previous applications.

It lags behind other apps that have a smart alarm, tranquilizing sounds, and statistics. Sleep Cycle is purely a sleep cycle tracker only.

Easy Health Team’s Sleep Recorder

A myriad of features is present in Sleep Recorder, including recording sounds from your sleep talking, snorting, and farting. It also delivers refreshing audio for users who want to sleep easily.

It also introduces sleep analysis, monitoring, statistics, and smart alarm.


Journal lovers will like the PrimeNap sleeping tracking app. Aside from snore detection and smart alarm, this app also features sleep statistics for the activities of the user within the day.

Sleep Easy

Sleep Easy is helpful for those who want to keep track of their information in the app. The sleeping tracking app also presents a feature called the sleep reminder notification that could come in two modes: manual and auto.

Speaking of manual, it is the default mode of the app whereas the Auto Mode will tell you if you are awake through your smartphone. After waking up, you can tap the “I’m Awake” button.

On top of this list, you can also check the best hydration apps for each user. You can also read the best fitness apps for Android.

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