Smart laser cutter system detects different materials | MIT News

With the addition of computers, laser cutters have rapidly become a relatively simple and powerful tool, with software controlling shiny machinery that can chop metals, woods, papers, and plastics. While this curious amalgam of materials feels encompassing, users still face difficulties distinguishing between stockpiles of visually similar materials, where the […]

UAH – News

Michael Mercier / UAH Dr. Fat D. Ho, a Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering at The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH), a part of The University of Alabama System, achieved a significant milestone this past year, marking 40 years at UAH. Dr. Ho received his Ph.D. from Southern […]

Contact-aware robot design | MIT News

Adequate biomimicry in robotics necessitates a delicate balance between design and control, an integral part of making our machines more like us. Advanced dexterity in humans is wrapped up in a long evolutionary tale of how our fists of fury evolved to accomplish complex tasks. With machines, designing a new […]

Microsoft unveils Windows 365 subscription that will let you use the OS from any device- Technology News, Firstpost

tech2 News StaffJul 15, 2021 13:58:43 IST At the Inspire conference, Microsoft announced Windows 365, a Cloud PC, as the company calls it. It is the company’s first subscription-based Windows license. Windows 365 will allow users to log into any virtual meeting running Windows 11 from any device, as long […]