Spectrum Select TV Channels: Everything You Need to Know

Spectrum Select TV is an ideal choice for people that are looking for some high-quality, yet affordable TV services for their home/workplace. Perhaps, it is one of the most commonly subscribed TV plans by Spectrum which provides you with HD quality TV time, and 125+ TV channels in various categories like sports, lifestyle, entertainment, news, family, and many more.

The best part is that the Select TV package is extremely affordable for all types of users, as it carries a price tag of $44.99 per month. Also, the users get to enjoy the same price for the next twelve months, which means no sudden price hikes in the middle of the year – how cool is that?

When it comes to premium add-ons, Spectrum Select TV offers you an amazing option to enjoy exclusive premium programming such as international TV channels, sports, news, etc.

Now, before we get into more details, let’s take a look at the major features of the Spectrum Select TV package.

Spectrum TV Select Channel Lineup

Spectrum has all the channels that you are looking for! The Select TV package features more than 125 channels to stream, and watch live anywhere with its amazing television app.

Spectrum Select TV channels include:

  • Live sports with FOX Sports 1, ESPN, ESPN2, CNBC Sports Network.
  • Family entertainment from Hallmark Channel, Nickelodeon, TV Land.
  • Breaking news from CNBC, CNN, MSNBC, FOX News Channel.
  • Must-have channels such as TLC, History Channel, CW, USA Network.

Spectrum Select TV for Entertainment and Sports

Spectrum Select TV is a perfect TV plan for all the sports lovers out there. It offers a wide range of sports channels like Fox Sports 1, ESPN, SEC Network, and Golf Channel to amplify the cravings of your inner sports freak.

However, just in case you want to enjoy some additional sports channels, you can always opt for the premium add-ons in your plan and access other sports networks too, like, NFL, NBA NHL, etc.

The same goes for movies and TV channels too. Although Spectrum Select TV offers you ample entertainment channels, you can still enjoy a premium add-on to your subscription to watch additional TV shows and movies – simply subscribe to as many networks as you want.

So, yes – whether you are a sports lover or a movie freak, just know that Spectrum would never break your bank to keep yourself entertained. If you wish to upgrade your TV plan, simply call 1-844-481-5993 now and send your query to their customer services representative.

Free HD and On Demand Titles

Spectrum offers you a high-quality TV plan to watch your favorite shows and movies in HD quality. It allows you to enjoy a cinematic experience at home without paying any additional cost. Some of its key features include:

  • Allows you to watch On Demand content from networks in your TV plan at any time of the day.
  • Features a vast library consisting of thousands of movies and TV shows.
  • Easily sort channels on your television guide.
  • Automatically browses recommendations for trending movies and TV shows.
  • Effectively uses the search option as per your liking.

Spectrum Select TV Is an All-In-One Service

The Select TV package consists of all the essential features of an ideal cable TV plan. It is an all-in-one TV subscription for your family, offered at much lower rates than most other packages in the market. For example:

  • Spectrum TV® Select offers a wide range of TV channels for entertainment, TV shows, sports, music, movies, documentaries, and more.
  • Its channel lineup brings you the latest news from all over the world.
  • It is a perfect choice for households that are looking to save more without compromising on the quality of their TV-watching regime.

Spectrum TV® Select App

Spectrum also offers you an amazing, high-performing TV app that allows you to stream your favorite shows from absolutely any corner of the world.

Some of its key features include:

  • An easy-to-use, fast-processing app with tons of TV shows, serials, and movies.
  • Easily accessible on smartphones or other internet-enabled devices like Apple TV, Xbox One, etc.
  • Allows you to stream Spectrum TV Select channel lineup and thousands of On Demand titles.
  • Controls your DVR.

Spectrum TV® Select Channel Apps On-the-Go

Once you get your Spectrum TV credentials, you can sign in to any channel app that is included in your subscription package. For example, you can tune into any sports, music, news, or other channels and watch them LIVE from anywhere. However, the number of channels available for streaming will be determined by the package you choose.

Some of its key features include:

  • Allows you to enjoy over 80 apps on popular networks.
  • Streams live TV channels.
  • Features Kids’ TV channels and networks too (As per your choice).
  • Can easily work anywhere if connected to the internet.

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How to Set Up Spectrum TV App?

Setting up the Spectrum TV app isn’t tough at all. Just follow the given steps:

  • Access the My Spectrum app, tap on the menu icon, and choose “Create a Username”.
  • Insert the Contact details. (email address/phone number registered in your account info) or select the Account info. (account number and security code on your bill).
  • Now verify your identity.
  • Create a new username and a security key.
  • Now install the Spectrum TV App from your internet-enabled device’s respective app store.
  • Log in using your Spectrum credentials.
  • Finally, enjoy Spectrum Streaming Channel Lineup!

Spectrum TV App and On-Screen TV Guide

Spectrum has made it very easy for the users to locate their desired channels without needing to surf through the entire list with Spectrum’s On-Screen TV Guide. Besides this, Spectrum also provides you with free access to the television app so that you never miss out on your favorite TV serials or shows, even when you are outside your home.

Spectrum TV® Select and All TV Favorites

Once you upgrade your TV plan or subscribe to the premium offer, you get to enjoy even more networks like SHOWTIME®, HBO®, and Cinemax®, etc., included in the price. For example, Spectrum’s TV Gold in fact offers you a wide range of sports networks and premium TV channels with the package, without any hidden charges. And that’s not all – the package is much more high-quality and cheaper than the other TV plans in the market.

Is Spectrum TV App Compatible with My Device?

Here’s a complete list of devices the Spectrum TV app is compatible with:

  • Apple Devices: The app is easily accessible on iPad® mini, iPad®, iPod Touch® and iPhone®, and other Apple products running on iOS 12 or higher.
  • Amazon Devices: The spectrum TV app is compatible with all Kindle Fire models except Gen-1 devices. It is also supported by the new Kindle Fire HDX.
  • Android Devices: The spectrum TV app is supported by all versions of Android 5.0 or higher.
  • Google Chromecast: The app can be run on all Chromecast-supported devices.
  • Xbox One: It is compatible with all versions.
  • Samsung TV: It can be accessed on models of 2012 and later.


Apart from the above-mentioned features, Spectrum Select TV also offers its users tons of other benefits like a 30-day money-back guarantee, no mandatory contracts, feasible billing options, etc. So, if you wish to know more about its perks, then don’t forget to reach out to BuyTVInternetPhone. Or, simply call our official customer services helpline at 1-855-423-0918.