In the old times, things used to be a little more difficult and also a little easier. If you are wondering how can they be difficult and easy at the same time? Well, the thing is, where the arrival of social media made some things a lot easier than we expected them to, it also increased the level of cybercrimes. It made things worse too at some points. However, all in all, if we compare both the time back then of information technology and social media, we can see that this time is much more convenient for us. Information technology was more based on the information and the sending and receiving of it and more on the side of work.

Nowadays every other person is using social media and is not usually using it for sending information back and forth either.

However, nowadays every other person is using social media and is not usually using it for sending information back and forth either. They are just there for the thrill of it and to participate in something everyone is participating in so they are not left out. On social media, these teenagers crave Facebook likes and other goals that aren’t supposed to be run after like that. Where social media has increased the chances of getting in touch with someone who lives thousands and thousands of miles away, it has also decreased many people’s confidence and self-realization by giving them standards that are unreal.

How does social media affect one’s mental health?

Social media has a lot to do with a person’s mental health. When people post their pictures or something they enjoyed doing or creating, they expect these pictures to get instant likes like a celebrity would get. And if they don’t get it and see someone else getting it, it can take a toll on their mental health by making them think they are less worthy of likes when in reality your worth doesn’t depend on likes at all. But the majority of the youth has it thought of and this is exactly what they believe. There are even websites and apps being developed that would help you get more Facebook views or subscribers or likes on social media and people are going after them as much as they can.

The good side of social media

Just like any other thing in the world, social media also has its share of Ying and Yang. There is both positivity and negativity being secreted by social media platforms and it is up to you which one you want to choose. Where there are many cons of being on social media there are also pros. Social media has made it much easier for us to contact people that are living far away from us. In the times before social media or the internet, we wouldn’t have even thought of it as possible to talk to someone in mere seconds while they are in the other corner of the world. But nowadays, we can not only just text them, call them, But we can also share pictures and videos with them, and tell them about our day, and even take them along with us with the help of video calls and FaceTime. Many talented people who decide to put their underappreciated talents out on the internet get a chance to be recognized properly and be appreciated the way they deserve to be appreciated. And that is a power of social media everyone loves. So it might not even be that bad to want to become instant famous when you are putting your talents and specialties out there for the whole world to see and appreciate.

Getting better exposure through social media

Social media gives you the exposure that you would think impossible in the old times. You can share your talent, your specialties, your works, skills, and many other things with an audience of more than a million people even if you get lucky. All you will have to do is to be consistent on your social media platform and keep sharing what makes you happy and what you think other people will appreciate and soon enough you will get an exposure that will make people from the other corner of the world be able to see what you share and they will want to share it further ahead with their loved ones. This is how you can rectify social media, something that is deemed bad by the generations above us who do not like it too much. But the possibilities and the chances and golden opportunities that social media can bring you, nothing else can. And once you take a hit from there, you can easily become someone you have always wanted to be.

Things to avoid

Many things in life need to come with warnings so people who are not well aware of such things can know what to do and what to avoid. Similarly, there are things social media will give you that will be good and things social media will give you that won’t be good at all. So here are the things you need to avoid:

  • If you ever get famous on social media, try to avoid letting it get to your head and inflate it with ego or other such ideas.
  • Try to avoid the use of social media too much because then you will start to lack an emotional connection with the people around you.
  • Make sure that you are never behind any cybercrime because you can get into serious trouble for that and that is not worth deflating someone else’s reputation or their mental health.
  • Keep your accounts safe and secure with authorizations and other privacy ways that your social media platform provides you with.
  • Do not put any personal information out on the web as it can not be safe for you to do that. Make certain this is the case especially if you have a lot of followers and strangers that are giving you views and likes. Stay safe and keep promoting the good in you for the people out there!