Although a child prodigy, HostArmada still counts as a toddler among the giants of web hosting. Set in motion during 2019, this fast-growing company has since managed to cover four continents while sprouting their data centers across the world. However, its head office remains situated in its place of origin, Delaware (the USA).  

HostArmada covers everything from domain services to a wide variety of cloud-based hosting solutions, including SSD shared, WordPress, SSD VPS, dedicated CPU server, open source and development-oriented hosting solutions. 

To provide every user with lightning speed so that they can “crush their competition”, HostArmada utilizes powerful cloud technology, a native SSD platform, a redundant network and the latest AMD CPUs.

Data Centers

HostArmada operates nine data centers in seven countries (Image credit: HostArmada)

What is more, users can choose between nine data center locations, including three in the USA (Dallas, Fremont and East Newark) and one of each in Canada (Toronto), the UK (London), Germany (Frankfurt), India (Mumbai), Singapore (Singapore) and Australia (Sydney).