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Detroit organization Focus: HOPE now recruiting for virtual and in-person career training to assist students in accessing well-paying, career-track jobs.

DETROIT, MI, UNITED STATES, August 4, 2021 / — Focus: HOPE, a Detroit-based civil and human rights organization and a trusted community anchor for five decades, is now recruiting for virtual and in-person career training opportunities.

Focus: HOPE’s workforce development programming offers work readiness and pre-apprenticeship programs in a range of in-demand career fields, including industrial manufacturing, information technologies, and construction. Workforce development training at Focus: HOPE is designed to facilitate access to well-paying, sustainable, career-track jobs, while mitigating barriers to success through wraparound supports including stipends, technology, and childcare.

The Industrial Manufacturing Training Pathways program provides training for skilled manufacturing positions. This 15-week, 300-hour course trains students in Manufacturing Readiness, Hi-Lo, CNC Operations, Industrial Robotics and Welding. The Information Technologies Pathways program delivers foundational curriculum for entry-level to middle-skilled Information Technology positions. This 15-week pathway trains students in IT Fundamentals, Small Office Home Office Networking, and Server Technology Basics.

Industrial Manufacturing and Information Technologies training pathways are now enrolling students for fall start dates. The programs are scholarship-based and free to most students. Interested individuals should call 313-494-4300 or fill out an online interest form to get started.

Student Success Profile

Sydney began training in Focus: HOPE’s Industrial Manufacturing Training Pathways in September 2020. When he enrolled, Sydney shared that he was at a turning point in his life and really needed Focus: HOPE to help him make a change and restart his career. He was unemployed and needed skills and credentials to make him attractive to employers. He wanted to be able to take these classes and be successful but did not have the technology needed to support it, so Focus: HOPE issued him a laptop for the duration of the training. Sydney maintained near-perfect attendance throughout the course, something that was especially impressive after he shared that his home and furnace were badly damaged in a fire the year prior and his living conditions were dire, particularly as temperatures dropped in the fall/winter. Even before he graduated, Sydney was hired as a Material Handler in early December through Focus: HOPE’s virtual ‘’employer of the week’’ sessions. Sydney kept his focus and stayed in the program – going to work after his classes each day – and he completed the program and participated in a virtual graduation ceremony in late January. Sydney is now working successfully in his new career as a Material Handler!


About Focus: HOPE

Focus: HOPE is a nationally recognized civil and human rights organization founded in 1968 after the Detroit civil disturbance. Over the past half-century, Focus: HOPE has developed numerous programs in its efforts to overcome racism, poverty and injustice in the core areas of early learning, youth development, workforce training, food justice, and advocacy. As a result, thousands of individuals have achieved financial independence. For more information, visit our website.

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