Cambridge-headquartered Dante Labs is a global genomic platform for diagnostics and therapeutics, focused on integrating genomic sequencing and medical data to provide clinical solutions.

This week, the company acquired Cambridge Cancer Genomics (, a leader in machine learning for clinical oncology. It now aims to create a single software platform enabling patient-centric precision oncology at scale for cancer patients. The platform, integrating’s OncOS machine learning oncology software with Dante Labs’ Immensa Genomics Interpretation Software, would combine medical, germline, somatic and liquid biopsy data analysis.

The OncOS software enables data-driven precision oncology and the systematic development of data-driven biomarkers indicative of treatment response. Dante Labs’ Immensa software generates personalised reports for pharmacogenomics, rare diseases, predisposition to common diseases and nutrigenomics, integrating guidelines from the American College of Medical Genetics.

CEO and cofounder of Dr John Cassidy commented: “Matching cancer patients to the best therapy has been a longstanding problem in the field of oncology. was founded on the premise that every patient should be on the right treatment, at the right time, to beat their cancer.

“Since that founding moment, the team has dedicated themselves to state-of-the-art software development and fundamental research in tumour evolution, treatment response and AI, to enable better deployment of targeted therapies for all. Now, with Dante Labs’ commercial reach and expertise in direct-to-consumer genomic testing, our products will be even closer to where they can make the ultimate impact – in the lives of patients.”

The precision oncology market is currently valued at around $58,450m, and set to reach $98,550m by 2026. Dante Labs says the project it is pursuing with’s software will address an estimated $75bn market opportunity.