02 N1307P21005H 1Students have many options to explore concerning careers related to Computer Information Technology at FTCC — from programs that teach building mobile applications to creating digital art and everything in-between.

Advertising & Graphic Design. FTCC’s Advertising and Graphic Design associate program equips students with the skills necessary to illustrate and design logos, advertisements and an array of other printed and digital visual communication to express ideas through typography, imagery, color and layouts. Students are equipped with industry-standard software, such as Adobe Creative Suite, Webflow and Figma. Students also have an opportunity to obtain certification in Adobe Applications.

Digital Media Technology and User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX). This Digital Media program prepares students for professional opportunities involving digital design and multimedia. Coursework includes 2D & 3D animation, interactive technologies, website design, programming and audio/video editing. Graduates of this program should qualify for employment as animators, UI/UX developers, multimedia specialists and many other emerging professional opportunities in this expanding field. The UI/UX degree is new for fall 2021 and includes coursework in coding and design, selected to enhance the user experience for websites and mobile applications.

Simulation & Game Development. Students interested in FTCC’s game development associate program gain the skills to develop videogames, such as 3D modeling and animation, creative writing and game programming. Graduates of this program are also qualified to work for health and government agencies.

Computer Programming & Development and Mobile Application Development. In order to be an effective and successful programmer, one must be able to logically and creatively solve business-related problems for prospective clients or employers using the appropriate software and programming languages. Programming languages taught to students include Java, C#, C++, Python and more.
The Mobile Application Development associate degree program is for those interested in becoming a developer for mobile applications. Coursework includes instruction in both Android and iOS programming languages, including Swift.

Network Management and Administration and Cloud Management. Networking Management and Networking Administration programs prepare students to install and support networks and develop strong analytical skills and extensive networking knowledge. Course work includes hands-on experience with both Cisco, Windows and Linux operating systems. FTCC is part of the Cisco Networking Academy Program and offers coursework to prepare students for the Cisco CCNA exam. The Cloud Management program is new for fall 2021 and includes coursework in AWS, Google and Microsoft Azure.

System Security & Analysis. FTCC’s Cyber Education Center has been designated as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense by the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security. This program provides students with the skills required to evaluate and implement effective and comprehensive information security controls. Security analysts monitor, prevent and halt attacks on private data.

FTCC also offers an Intelligence Studies curriculum designed to provide students with skills necessary to work in the intelligence profession with an emphasis in Geospatial Intelligence. The program emphasizes cyber defense with industry partners, such as Cisco, RedHat, Palo Alto and EC-Council. The program prepares students for numerous industry certifications, including CompTIA Security+, several EC-Council certifications (CE|H and CND), and Palo Alto Certified Network Defender and many others.

PC Support & Services. IT/PC Support & Services is a program for those interested in more traditional information technology technician work, including PC maintenance and repair. The curriculum will prepare students to install, operate and manage various operating systems ranging from industry standards like Windows to more niche operating systems like Linux. Course work includes hands-on experience with troubleshooting PC hardware/software, mobile devices and various peripherals. Students will build customer-service, problem-solving, communication and writing skills. Certifications to enhance the associate degree include CompTIA A+ & Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE). Graduates are qualified for entry-level positions in technical support services.

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