Comcast Bridges the Digital Divide in Thurston County To Connect People to Broadband Internet in and Out of the Home

Submitted by Rodrigo Lopez for Comcast There is a major challenge in cities all across Washington state, big and small: it’s called the digital divide and it’s here in Thurston County. Broadband connectivity is something we’re working hard to fix through Comcast’s Internet Essentials program. It’s the state’s largest and […]

How to mirror Android to PC

How to Mirror Android to PC The number of devices that we regularly use are increasing these past few decades. However, whatever new gadgets arise from innovation, the smartphone, and the computer will remain as constants in our daily lives. While each device has its purpose, using them at the […]

Shinjiru review | TechRadar

Set in motion during 2000, the story of Shinjiru began with the idea to create a company that would distinguish itself among numerous offshore web hosting providers by offering a wide range of options to an even wider range of customers. Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Shinjiru has spent two […]

Kennedy-King College launches new tech program

In a move to fight social and workplace inequity in the technology sector, Englewood’s Kennedy-King College has created its Tech Launchpad program. The program offers courses and short-term certification classes in cybersecurity, software development and game design and development. “While opportunities in tech are lucrative, women, African-Americans, Latinx and other […]