Comcast Bridges the Digital Divide in Thurston County To Connect People to Broadband Internet in and Out of the Home

Submitted by Rodrigo Lopez for Comcast There is a major challenge in cities all across Washington state, big and small: it’s called the digital divide and it’s here in Thurston County. Broadband connectivity is something we’re working hard to fix through Comcast’s Internet Essentials program. It’s the state’s largest and […]

Shinjiru review | TechRadar

Set in motion during 2000, the story of Shinjiru began with the idea to create a company that would distinguish itself among numerous offshore web hosting providers by offering a wide range of options to an even wider range of customers. Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Shinjiru has spent two […]

Kennedy-King College launches new tech program

In a move to fight social and workplace inequity in the technology sector, Englewood’s Kennedy-King College has created its Tech Launchpad program. The program offers courses and short-term certification classes in cybersecurity, software development and game design and development. “While opportunities in tech are lucrative, women, African-Americans, Latinx and other […]